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Top 5 Free Resources Available To Photographers In North America

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The art of photographers is celebrated throughout the world. Being a photographer presents many challenges. Principally if you are new in the business of photography, a never-ending search for new customers becomes a hurdle. However, this hurdle is also the first stepping stone in the business. And, preparing yourself to reach a large customer base is important so that you can focus more on your art than on finding customers. There are many free resources available to photographers that can help you to reach customers on a larger level than you could manually. Let us browse through the features of 5 free resources that can help you to increase your clientele.

Top 5 Free Resources for Photographers

Calimo App

Calimo is an online platform as well as an app. It is designed to fill the gap between potential clients and skilled photographers. It is a perfect free resource available in app form so that your customers can contact you on the go. It is a free app hence you wouldn’t require to pay booking fees. Plus, you can chat with the users through their app.

The attractive thing about this free resource is that there are projects submitted on their platform on which you can bid to reach out to the potential client. This kind of reach is very potent and beneficial as it opens an entirely new domain of serious clients that may hire you for a project. And contact you even when they have more projects in which they find your services to be suitable. Plus, Calimo App allows anyone registered on their platform to search for photographers and videographers in their region. It is as precise as you search for a ‘grocery store near you’ in Google and it shows the list of grocers near your location. Therefore, this app could be as resourceful as Google could be for photographers.


Unscripted is another app to level up your business. The app offers nearly everything you need to become a successful photographer. For example, the app maintains 3000+ poses and prompts ideas stored within to inspire you endlessly. And, such a feature would assist you whenever you are out of ideas while shooting. Plus, the app offers different categories for every kind of shoot and lets you sort and save your favorites in the app only.

The interesting features of the app are a photoshoot schedule where you can collect your upcoming shoots, questionnaires for couples that can help you understand your client, and invoices from where you can send invoices to your client’s email. Plus, there is a contract section that can be signed by your clients digitally and pay via credit cards that you’ll receive through email and in the app. Moreover, there is a photoshoot checklist that helps you track all the aspects of a photoshoot and showcases professionalism to your clients.


Canva app is a complete package. It is not only functional for photoshoots but also useful for designing and editing through app only. Plus, the company has its own web portal with the same name from where you can complete complex edits. The portal also contains two learning resources viz design school and blog. The blog posts of the portal are extremely helpful in discovering as well as learning new things. Additionally, there are posts to encourage you when you are going through a low time. While the design school feature offers video learning through which you can discover many aspects to reach clients through social media.

Nevertheless, everything you design in the portal can be shared on several social medial platforms to showcase your creative abilities and reach out to yet-unknown clients. Moreover, several resources in the portal can help to turn your work into a piece of art. For example, there are font combinations, photo editor, color wheel, design size guide, teaching materials, ideas, colors, etc. to assist you in your work.

Adobe Spark

The designing app for photographers that is cloud-based. There are so many resources here that you might enter in an entirely modern world of editing. Adobe spark has made every resource on online platforms a bit better viz fonts, themes, etc. It can be employed by beginners as well as professionals. It is a wonderfully easy resource for photographers.

The blog on this web portal is a treasure trove of tips from experts as well as real people who learned to implement the features of Adobe Spark. It helps you to design photos from your phone or those available on the web. And you can share all these on your social media handles or your website. The portal also keeps an eye on trending ideas and shares it with you to help you influence your clients as well as social media followers about your businesslike approach to your work.


This app is specifically useful to blend creativity in your videos. There are many video editing tools available viz trim video, remove the middle part, split videos, merge clips, adjust video speed, etc. Plus, there are several filters and effects to set the right mood of the videos. Interestingly, you can also add music to your videos by eliminating all the unwanted noises recorded in a wedding ceremony, birthday party, etc. projects.

Additionally, you can also tag the parts of the video by attaching stickers or texts. It is all in all a complete package to stir the emotions of your clients through your creativity and, to showcase your professional and personal approach to every project you do. The app also helps you to produce your personal videos and share them on your website or social media handle and thus, increase your exposure to serious clients out there.

Final Words

The journey to a successful career in photography only starts when you reach out to productive resources. Learning never stops is peculiarly true to those who work in the field of photography. Consequently, you need to keep improving your photography skills so that you can offer something exceptional to your clients using all the resources you can.

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