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Meet Calimo


We are focussed on connecting Creators with local photographers and videographers. Capturing key moments is easier than ever before. Calimo's role is to connect you to the best service providers within your budget, to capture your memories.


To democratize the photography industry to give everyone access to professional and affordable photographers and videographers so you can focus on living in the moment while we help you capture it. 


Whether you are a solo creative, influencer, or a PR/Marketing agency we will connect you to the right person to capture your moments so you can focus on what you do best.

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About Us

Our Founders

Zachary Huisman

As an entrepreneur from a young age, Zachary acquired diverse experiences from multiple industries in project management, photography, and consulting. With an educational background in Operations Management, he has a passion for quality and efficiency that is transferred into his work. A few years ago, he noticed a gap in technology with how photography services are booked as well as the inconveniences and costs associated with it. He wanted to create a solution to support local photographers by providing them with more exposure and easy access to clients. In return Calimo connects clients with photographers to capture life’s most precious moments more simply.

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Maria Wells

Being involved in modelling and art industry from an early age, Maria learned quickly the powerful impact of creating great content and capturing beautiful moments. Her passion for art combined with over a decade of experience in Finance and Tech drove her to create Calimo. She is combining her business mindset with a passion for art and photography to create a platform that connects creators to people who want to capture their memories hassle-free.

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